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We are a business established with an everlasting mission to offer only finest of Ceylon Teas to the world while empowering and enriching the lives through everything we do…! 

Ceylon Leaf estate, a 100% subsidiary of ‘Aruna Teas’ is a dedicated exporting arm within a sustainable value chain, offering ethically sourced teas directly from farmgate. With factories located in the most prominent tea growing regions of Sri Lanka we are able to produce some of the most exquisite teas distinctive to its microclimatic region for the world to rediscover the real taste of Pure Ceylon Teas. 

Established from humble beginnings, today we manufacture around 8 million kilos of Tea harvested by over 12,000 smallholder farmers partnering with us in this journey. Our initiative towards changing some of the traditional ways for the better has led us to be the pioneers of direct online payments to growers and fully automated state-of-the-art manufacturing systems in Sri Lanka. 

Ceylon Leaf Estate Pvt Ltd was specially formed to take these exquisitely crafted teas with a clear purpose, embodying the unrivalled characters of pure Ceylon, to the lovers of Tea around world.


Our business is not just selling Teas… From the point of offering the finest of Ceylon Teas and infusions to our consumers and enriching their lives with great Tea moments – to the point of uplifting and empowering the lives and livelihood of our farmers; Our mission is to enrich lives at every point, in every way we can, with everything we do…!.

  • Ethical Tea
    Ethical Tea
  • Highest Quality
    Highest Quality
  • Overall Sustainability
    Overall Sustainability
  • Empowering the Community
    Empowering the Community

A walk in the garden of Tea

Sri Lanka, also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean is a gifted Island with magnificent landscape and wonderful climatic conditions suitable for year-round teas with distinctive characters owing to its various micro climatic regions. These unrivalled characteristics are the reason ‘Ceylon Teas’ are so unique and sort after by Tea connoisseurs around the world even today. 

With Tea factories located in prominent High, Medium and Low grown regions of Sri Lanka, we are able to meticulously manufacture exquisite teas, true to its microclimatic regions, directly sourced from our smallholder Tea farmers. 

Take a stroll in our manufacturing locations to know more about the specialties of this region and distinctive characters of Teas.

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we are able to produce traditional Orthodox Teas, CTC teas as well as handmade specialty teas. Further, our passion for creativity and unique flavours have led us to craft traditional blends to the most elegant infusions with exquisite ingredients beautifully harmonizing with the distinct characters of our teas in our own value adding and packaging plant. 

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